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Here it is — short and straight-forward. To save your time, my time, to find quickly the info needed. In my own way, my own language, sharing my notebook of quite some useful things:

Programmers will find here pack of Snippets – often use pieces of code. Some useful and time-saving own coded php functions, bits for WP and jQuery. Suitable only for those who are able to form question properly.

Download section shares some own-made or remade WP plugins, commercial WP templates and else.

Journeys section meant to mention certain routes, tips, camp-spots, water refill spots, must-see‘s, routes to take for pleasure either chill-out ride. Covering mainly the various routes to go between LT and ES via different countries. Some routes for Southern Andalusía.

The Blog section is filled with own theories and ideas while Cauldron brews the code-recipes. There will be a lot to share from DIY library – clever gadjets, constructs, solar empowering, living on 12V DC, running car on veg oil etc..

Note: site is set since 2018.09 and there is a lot of info will be transferred/added in to it.