Campo Guests: Campo de Maro

Arrival destination — airport AGP;

Before booking your flights tickets, check stay availability (green):

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General info:

Campo is equipped with 12V DC power (same, as plugging gadgets in your car). 220V up to 300W available on side, if needed. Max in-tent stay: 4 persons (double and separate mattresses). Bath-tub: solar/hot water either gas heat-up (underneath). Spring/drinking water – 600m walk, usually self-service. Cooking, shopping, dishes, laundry — self-service; Laundry machine service available at the gas-station; Internet — prepaid, approx 10eur/5Gb, excellent speed. Closest shopping: 15min walk to local ones or 4km to the nearest supermarket. Closest (one of two) beach: 20min by shortcut walk, 40 min back (elevation: 110m) either 2km plus, if kept on road. Next (preferable by us) beach: 3km; Two bicycles, lady style, are available for self ride. Car-rental: plenty for approx 8eur/day between Oct-May in AGP airport (credit-card required); Thai-massage: 40eur/h, right on spot.

We have common hosting expenses, such us running a car (ex. airport or places of visit), gas usage, laundry service (bedding, towels), etc.. It is very appreciated if you take it in to your own account.

Do not forget:

  • Headlight – must have! (not a torch — keep your hands free);
  • Head cover: cap, hat, scarf.. for sun protection;
  • Hiking shoes, if desire to do some trekking;
  • Thermal clothing and rainproof jacket for Nov-March;
  • Sunshades;
  • USB charging cables for your gadgets;
  • Mosquito repellent;
  • A cork-screw, aka wine-bottle opener;
  • Jar of Marmite for us!
  • TBA

General rules:

  • Do not leave unattended food on the table. It attracts dozen of cats;
  • Keep your voice down (esp. at night) — all the neighbors in a valley can hear you;
  • Waste separation (packaging / glass / compost / the rest);
  • Digg the hole for compost-waste;
  • Dump shit-pit only with shit, water and toilet paper (if used); Sprinkles to cover results, are found on a side.
  • Take a leak — anywhere appropriate. Important — never more than twice at the same place. Preferably (men only) – piss-on your signature.
  • TBA

We do have (do not bother):

  • Bedding, duvets, pillows;
  • Towels;
  • Quite some snorkels and pair of fins;
  • Sun-lotions;