DIY: Canes / Cañas Yurt Green-house

To build yurt from cañas was never a great idea because of the properties of cañas – it is not durable, is not straight/same, is too fragile and splits easily. However caña is strong and flexible when used mindfully.  The old-fashioned farmer’s way of using a polypropylene pipe, to build a greenhouse, called for a try.

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Final, first version of such greenhouse yurt.

Final look of the first version of greenhouse yurt.


  • 24 roof-poles
  • D: 320 cm / pipe length: 10m
  • H total ~ 240cm
  • Wall (khana) H ~170cm
  • L khana pole/lath: 240cm / 48 laths
  • L roof-pole 140cm
  • D crown 65cm
  • Base pipe D 50mm / crown pipe D 25mm (both thickest available option [blue marking], or meant for high pressure)


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