Journeys: France to eSpain and down South

Read Crossing France here.

A63 has 3 tolls +1 toll is on Spain’s AP8. Taking A63 from town Magescq the tolls for campervan is approx 1.5x higher than cars. All the way towards Pamplona. Keep an eye on signs to take A15.

Four tolls in total for camper make approx 17€. 

AP8 will take a wile up the hill. Not many possible pull-overs for a while. There will be one shortly with a nice viewpoint.

A15 before Pamplona will meet AP15 which ia not big deal to skip as later is to take A12 tw Logroño
TIP: Switch the Navigator Settings for toll-free roads before Pamplona.

A12: Pamplona – Estella – Logroño: 10/8 – 5/6 – 10/9 [eval]

Stop for a night and definately must see little town Villamayor de Monjardín. Enetering town there will be parking on a terrace. (42.6280420,-2.1028515)

From Logroño meet N111 tw Soría. Winding road through the steep mountains by the river. Definite motorbiking route, very few U-takes. Ocasional nice pueblos on the way. Steap -4/6- at first 30 km, then takes to -3/4-.
Many spring-points / water refills can be found on this route.

9/10 – 8/5 – 10/10 [eval] evaluation for 50km before Soría.
9/8 – 5/5 – 8/9 [eval] – the rest N111 gradually gets flatter. 

Soría – Almazán (A15) 10/8 – 4/5 – 8/9 [eval]
Almazán – Medinaceli (A15) 10/8 – 3/4 – 7/8 [eval]

Medinaceli tw Madrid by A2 is not so boring, but once Madrid is behind and swithed to A4 scenery is flat, dusty and poor until Andalusian border. Not worth to be swithched to any other national roads, as takes through the same starkness, but some ocasional inner bypases might surprise, if taken. Like exit to Dosbarrios by TO92935, and back to A4 by CM4006.

Entering Andalusia, A4 and switched to A44 tw Granada:
10/7 – 3/7 – 8/9 [eval]

Following down South, bypass often busy Granada’s A44 escaping on A92 tw Santa Fé. Follow the signs to Airport. Escape on Exit 231A and don’t miss the exit to circle on a right for direction La Malahá, either navigate right to La Malahá. 

Stay on A385 until getting back to A44 before Otura
10/10 – 5/2 – 8/9 [eval] 

Roll down A44 until Exit 167 which takes on N323A all the way down tw Salobreña and exit on A7 tw Málaga.  
9/9 – 4/5 – 9/9 [eval]

If taking tw Málaga and don’t care adding 15km and 20 min extra, a good dish for your eyes is N340 between Salobreña and Maro (Exit 295 back to A7). Plenty places for parking on a clifs by the ocean between Herradura and Maro.
ATTN!: Racing bikes are roaming this route Sat./Sun. morning-noon and late afternoon.
9/8 – 6/6 – 10/10 [eval] 
Water refill / Camp-spot: (36.7599844,-3.8373815)