Journeys: Journey’s Diary

This diary covers journeys from Lithuania down to Spain‘s very South in different ways — taking South-East directions and crossing Poland, Czech, Austria, Italy, France / and North-West directions crossing Poland, Germany, Belgium and France. Might look like a mess, but if you about to drive across similar destinations, some suggestions might help, please or surprise you.

A-B point connections will have evaluations which look like:
A/B — C/D — E/F from 0 to 10, where 0 is a nightmare and 10 is a cake.
You might be able to read the fist, orange page, where this things are described;

  • A — road condition;
  • B — traffic;
  • C — twists;
  • D — hills;
  • E — scenery;
  • F — overall evaluation;

Examples: 9/10 — 0/0 — 5/3 means: excellent (non-higway) road / with no traffic — absolutely straight / and flat — poor scenery / very boring;

Part of this diary, many photos and more notes about this journeys could be found at

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