Thinking Machine: Thinking Machine: Introduction

When I pay close attention to the way “I think” or “I react”, I conduct some interesting theories — the way, brain does it: does think, operate, the way it stores often used and quickest to access values in it “database”, generates inner visuals, delays processing, compensates overloads, etc..

Quite some people associate a number to certain colour. Some can recognize 128 shades of blue. Some people are good at talking in rhythmic. Music, maths and languages processed in same either neighboring parts of brain. Brain activity produces frequencies.

For some process of brain activity to “observe” or reach, I use psychoactive substances. Those does help to enhance the sharpness, duration and attention to certain activities of either brain, or whole physiology. Psychoactive substances not might necessary work in whole range of “observations”, but definite for some.

There are people occasionally suggesting me to watch or to listen to some similar things I talk about, but I’m pretty sure this would only distract the way my theories are getting based on. They must differ (either even not) for the sake of observation of such ”experiment” itself.