DIY: Successful DJ-ing debute performance EXPLAINED

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I had in mind these things: 

  • to play music, possibly, you have not heard, so I could introduce you to something new;
  • to keep it fun, different, so to be sure, most of you will love it;
  • to take you through the journey from my own perspectives, so next time you go there yourself, if you like;

Most credits of my success must go to the artists of the tracks I’ve played. 

All I have done, except mixing tracks, is:

  • selecting music I will be playing;
  • putting tracks in certain sequence/order;   

I never had any structure-plan in my mind, it all has came by inner-feeling, but I see, that some parts of this success can be explained in very simple terms. 

I am a former singer/vocalist of the choir. The choir’s conductor, an artistic soul woman, have taught us — the most important thing in an artwork (in song/piece), and in whole performance,  is beginning of it and end of it. 

Now, imagine an European classical musical orchestra set and whole long performance, split in to parts (say, opera or ballet). The whole performance always will have an opening, a beginning which warms up your attention and possibly, suggests the further content.

Keep in mind the orchestra and imagine an impressive amusement-park, full of different carousels. I will take you for a ride on many different carousels, while adding musical background to it. 

First, short track played,
is about “taking-apart” (the air) the emotions, which were built up with a previously played music. An introduction to the “change”, invitation to “take your sits”;

Second track
obscure and spacious, takes you slowly in to something….   you don’t know yet where… — you’ve never heard me before…

track’s rhythmics should make you dance. It has many rhythmic layers, so depending on which one you listen, you can choose how fast you move.

Fourth —
has a bit higher BPM, introducing variety of instruments as: accordeaon, violin, trumpet etc., which you will hear all along this “concert” which just started.

Next track —
to lift up the spirit with yet another introduction — the choir. By now, you already should be curious to hear what is coming next.

To ensure you, party is goping to be fun, I play a track
with set of classic jazzy instruments.   

The next track,
dissolves you into euphoria, especially if you are able to listen to the lyrics;

All the rest is all the rest, until I must start the CLOSING part — to take you back from the amusement-park (where each musical-track is like different carousel) with no stress and yet good emotions kept;

All the rest, includes tracks which are:

  • same or simial spirit, already played before;
  • multilingual;
  • different styles;
  • different BMP;
  • vocal / instrumental;

Through whole performance the BPM (rhythm) will change, in most occasions gradually, in some – fast.  There will be chance for a brake-time, if you need, possibly by any of next musical-tracks.


Third track from the bottom —
Classical and clean elements, which loosens up the vibes gathered up till now.  

Not yet last track, before I will play “farewell” song, is a 
which should better match the next DJ style, who will play shortly after me.

Last, a “farewell” song — 
should make you release all good emotions, recharge, refresh and get ready for performance of the next DJ’s. I keep mixing a previously played track, so is not falls too far apart from the music the next DJ will play.

Adding to all overall:

  • Not all tracks were played with it original BPM;
  • Some tracks were played partially only;
  • Many of played tracks were of two same artists;
  • Most of track were remixes of various types; 
  • Duration of the show is approximately 1h 45min. 

Music I’ve played was on my iPad Mini, with TRACTOR_DJ  free app, with audio-cables straight connected to the speakers (real stereo), with no head-phones.

Below are three screenshots, where you can see music tracks detailed information, and the sequence there were played.